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94% of participants say Landmark made a profound and lasting difference in their lives

The Harris Survey: Money: The Impact of Landmark's Programmes on Participants' Income Levels

In a Harris Interactive survey, Landmark graduates reported a substantial increase in their incomes as a result of their participation in Landmark's programmes.

To understand the impact that Landmark's programmes have on the income levels of graduates and their relationships with money, Harris Interactive conducted a survey of more than 1000 Landmark programme graduates.

Among the results reported by participants:

  • One-third experienced a significant increase (of 25% or more) in their incomes after completing The Landmark Forum. Of that group, 94% said The Landmark Forum directly contributed to the increase.
  • Seven out of 10 people said they worried less about money and became more effective in managing their finances after completing Landmark's programmes.
  • Participants found they were working fewer hours, suggesting they achieved greater balance in their lives.

According to the Harris Interactive poll, more than half of those surveyed were professionals or managers, and 85% had at least a college degree. When asked to what they would attribute their increase in income level, some survey participants said:

  • “After the (Landmark) Forum, I was able to create wonderful possibilities and find a great job.”
  • “I considered myself more valuable and asked for more money.”
  • “I was more focused, less distracted, and more self-motivated.”

Every year, more than 193,000 people participate in Landmark's programmes.