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94% of participants say Landmark made a profound and lasting difference in their lives

Independent Research, Case Studies, and Surveys about The Landmark Forum

The facts speak for themselves. Landmark’s programmes have been the subjects of several independent research studies. See what they found.

The Yankelovich Study: Analysis of The Landmark Forum and Its Benefits (Summary)

Nationally recognized social scientist and public opinion analyst Dan Yankelovich conducted this study. The study addresses profiles of participants in The Landmark Forum, their satisfaction levels, and the value they reported.

The Talent Foundation Study: A Shortcut to Motivated and Adaptive Workforces

“Individuals surveyed showed significantly higher levels of motivation, self-esteem, and confidence…” The Talent Foundation, a global organisation that provides innovative methods for the development of talent in the workplace, published a study on The Landmark Forum. This study, conducted within accepted scientific guidelines, validates the results that the Landmark technology produces.

The IMC, Inc. Report: Evaluations of Landmark's Programmes

“Participants gave The Landmark Forum extremely high ratings in important categories. Nine out of 10 participants expressed strong satisfaction with the value they received from The Landmark Forum.”

The Harris Survey: Money: The Impact of Landmark's Programmes on Participants' Income Levels

Participants reported that Landmark's programmes had a positive impact on their relationship with money in key areas such as significant increased income, less anxiety about money, and greater effectiveness in managing their finances.

Robert Marzano Study: A New Paradigm for Educational Change

“The ultimate proof of the effectiveness of the seminar is the extent to which participants consider new, more effective paradigms.…” Robert Marzano, a deputy director with the Educational Laboratory, is widely recognized as an expert in critical thinking and curriculum design. This study explores the nature of the change process and the impact of change in business and education.

A University of Southern California Case Study: Transforming the Network of Conversations in BHP New Zealand Steel

“Leaders in BHP New Zealand Steel assert that Vanto's [Landmark's] engagement… galvanized the workforce…” The University of Southern California Marshall Business School published a case study that focuses on the impact of Landmark’s corporate consulting work at BHP New Zealand Steel.

A Harvard Business School Case Study: Landmark Education: Selling a Paradigm Shift

“Landmark's technology… is intended to provide individuals and organisations with an insight into how to become more effective...” Harvard Business School published a case study that focuses on the history, curriculum, and results of Landmark's programmes.