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94% of participants say Landmark made a profound and lasting difference in their lives

The IMC, Inc. Report: Evaluations of Landmark's Programmes

In a survey conducted by IMC, Inc., nine out of 10 Landmark Forum graduates expressed strong satisfaction with the value they received from the programme. 94% agreed that The Landmark Forum made a profound, lasting difference in the way they live their lives.

To understand what value the Landmark Forum delivers to its participants, IMC, Inc.—an independent marketing consulting firm—conducted a survey among 2,000 Landmark Forum graduates in several cities across the United States.

According to the results, a vast majority (9 out of 10) of the programme's participants agreed on the value they received:

  • 94% felt that The Landmark Forum made a “profound, lasting difference in the way they live their lives.”
  • 93% said that The Landmark Forum was “one of the most effective programmes” they've taken.
  • 93% reported that The Landmark Forum “exceeded their expectations.”
  • 99% said The Landmark Forum was “interesting and challenging.”

“Overall, the Landmark Forum is perceived to be a highly effective programme that delivered on its promises and left its customers feeling satisfied with the results they experienced.” -IMC, Inc.